Connecting Home Part 1

During the lockdown in Berlin, Eric Maltz gave 12 live streaming concerts, connecting with friends and family all over the globe. The concerts, each lasting almost an hour in length, consited of music entirly improvised, invented on the spot. Acoustic piano, Moog synthesizer, Balinese Rindik, voice, and some assorted effects were the instruments used. Beautiful and atomspheric, growling and dissonant, the music expreses the wide range of emotions we all collectivly expereinced during this period in time.

Welcome to my Connecting Home Part 1 is a group of favorite songs, taken from the first six concerts. Totally unedited and lightly mixed, what you hear is what was played. Meditative, spaciaous, a real musical life.

All profits from the month of May were donated to the Food Bank of New York City. We were able to raise and donate $103.30! 517 meals provided to those in need in NYC.

Now all profits from sales will be donated to the International Woman Space. This is a group that works with refugee women, a group often marginalzied and forgotten, and in dire need of support.

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Selected Works