Dream Journal - Eric Maltz

"Wow, what a journey!" - Mixmag

Dream Journal is two long form cuts for the deep dance floors.

A Side : Dream Journal


B Side : Subconcious Virgo


A side “Dream Journal” is one for the REM cycles. A development of Maltz’ signature psychedelic deep house sound, dub sound effects jump in and out of focus, swirling arpeggios pan across the stereo field and a playful piano solo take turns at the center of the stage as a deep bass line and funk-ready drum machine hold the fort.

On the flip, “Subliminal Virgo” is exactly that, hitting with a loose breakbeat and echoes of Dream Journal before settling into an unstoppably subby 4x4 throb. A synth solo hides deep under the layers as Maltz adventures into the dark chasms of thought gaps.

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